Sin and Humility

I keep writing things and not posting them. Alas I believe this makes me a wayward blogger.

I will get back to the Holy Spirit with my next entry. For now here is a reminder of what it’s all about.

I left youth group last Sunday night feeling rather down. When we start to think about sin it can do that. It is amazingly humbling. Sin requires us to say ‘there is right and there is wrong’ and my life doesn’t always reflect what is right. It isn’t based on how we feel but rather what God has laid out for us. I believe that in a sense God wants us to have these feelings of guilt and conviction. How else would we know the need for repentance? However, this is not about us and what we can do to feel better. It is about what God has done and how He can and will make us better. Confessing our sin is not about feeling good but it is about becoming good. Repentance – remember that turning to and from? Sin started with Adam and Eve and continues with us.

Sin deals in the realm of justice. God is loving but He is also just. He isn’t a pushover or easily fooled. God’s righteous wrath will not tolerate sin. The punishment for sin is death – both physically and eternal separation from God. This is heavy stuff! But we have to talk about it because it is our very condition of being. We are sinful.

Defining sin – Sin is a bit easier to define from the negative. It is not feelings or a group agreement on what is right or wrong or what our experience tells us or morality. Rather sin is that which
violates God’s law…that which causes separation from God. No one can follow His law to the letter – we are all deserving of death.

Now that we all feel like total failures – here is dose of reality on the flip side. You were not created to live in sin. You were created to be a reflection of Him who created you – loving, just, joyous, hopeful, caring, peaceful and so on. However we cannot begin to be a reflection of who God is until we come to the cross. We are helpless to save ourselves. We cannot earn God’s mercy or follow God’s law. No – our salvation, our reconciliation with God comes through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. When we confess with our lips and believe in our hearts that Christ is Lord, God begins to move within us.

Knowing our sin is (believe it or not) a message of hope. For once we recognize that we cannot save ourselves – we have to look outward. As we look, we see what God has done through Jesus. Through the cross God says to you:
You are forgiven.
Those sins which you commit are forgotten.
Don’t dwell on them because I am not
Turn to me
Return to me
Walk with me
Follow me
Rejoice with me
Let me me use you to be my hands and feet to this world
I love you
You are my child


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