I was given a gift from a student recently, a goldfish named Frances. I was worried that Frances might not make it through the weekend for lack of food. However, yesterday I gave him extra and he has plenty left for today. What really stuck me this morning was that Frances freaked out when I turned on the light. Got me thinking about my life. Do I rejoice when light comes into my life or do I freak out like little Frances here? I would like to think that as God illuminates my sin, my path, and my life that I rejoice. But I rather think that I freak out. I am a goldfish when it comes to God breaking into my life. I freak out for a bit and often resist. God has to look at me and think ‘calm down little goldfish, this is what is good’. When I finally realize that it is actually good I swim on. How do you react to God’s illumination in your life?


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