Done, done and done

Middle school…done

High school…done


Wheh!  It’s been a fantastic  year.  I feel like I barely made it, but the growth we have seen has been amazing.  I always think summer is going to be restful but I am kidding myself.  This brings me back to thinking about Sabbath – one of the favorite themes to my life…resting in God.

Sabbath is about identity.  If we find ourselves in our things or our political ideals or our musical genre of choice or our appearance or any other fleeting thing, we fail.  Those only push us to an anxious, panic driven, depressed, hollow identity far from who we are created to be.  You and I are creatures of Sabbath, of rest.  I’m not speaking of lazying around doing nothing but rather the fact that we are creatures designed to desire the presence of God.  There is no book, no movie, no song, no lecture, no podcast, no blog, no news report, no sport, nothing that is going to bring us more fully into the presence of God.  We are already there.  Yup.  Right now.  What we have is a failure to realize.

Your flesh would have you believe that you need to keep opening doors to find the answer.  Read that book from Oprah’s book club, listen to that great Bible study series, or go on that retreat.  Keep up those tasks, more and more and more.  If your flesh can get you to live on edge all the time – victory for Satan.  You will be distracted, distraught, and disinterested in the things of God.

If we desire to be at peace – the peace that Jesus spoke of to his disciples – then we must MAKE the time to be in God’s presence.  We must STOP the panic pace of life.  You and I need to sit quietly before God.  Open those scriptures and pray a Psalm.  Read – not with the intent of knowledge – but rather the intent of encountering God.  Sabbath…here I come.


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