Love Fail

Somewhere along the line, we have become convinced of our own self-importance…as though my wants, needs, desires, preferences, and thoughts should dominate over that of others.  Our flesh convinces us of the necessity of being right.  We think our preferences of how the toilet paper hangs is true or false!  Even our spiritual lives become a conquest.  We adorn ourselves with affirmations of our achievements as though it will change our very being.  Yet what of those who never leave their small villages?  Are their lives of no consequence?  They may never see Berlin or drive a car or throw a baseball but perhaps this only frees them to experience God and love neighbor in a way that I never will because my trophies, trappings, and temptations.  Mother Theresa was right when she said the emotional poverty of our nation is worse than the physical poverty found elsewhere.  We must stop trying to be so important and start trying to be good.


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