The prayers of an 8 year old

Just got a call from a parent.  Her kiddo was in our children’s ministry (Awanas) this last year.  Throughout the year her daughter memorized scripture and heard biblical stories and spent time with caring adults and peers.

Back to the phone call…the mother on the phone began to tell me a story.  ‘This summer,’ she began, ‘My mother-in-law was visiting us from out of town.  Somehow she managed to hurt her back.  She was laid out on the couch and couldn’t get up.  My daughter went to her room, brought out her Bible, and began to read to my mother-in-law some scripture she had learned at Awanas.  My mother-in-law is not a Christian but listened as my daughter read to her from the Scriptures.  After she read, she prayed for my mother-in-law.  After the prayer my mother-in-law’s back pain was gone.’

At this point I had tears running down my face.  If it was me I would be grabbing icy hot and cold packs and saying, ‘Go see a chiropractor’.  Yet God moved through a child in such a simple and beautiful way because that little girl didn’t even question.  She had faith and didn’t hesitate. 1 Timothy 4:12 says, ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.’  I hope all our Awanas kids living examples to their friends, families, and even their youth pastors.

I began Awanas begrudgingly.  My heart was not in it at the start.  It just seemed like a lot of work but I am absolutely convinced of the work God is doing through that ministry.  To quote Ron Burgundy ‘If you don’t think this is the greatest ministry ever, I will fight you.’  Ok he said song but I say ministry.


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  1. Shari Woolen Said:

    You are so amazing! I wonder if that Grandma feels like she is a Christian now?! Those AWANAS kids are so lucky to have you and your beautiful wife and the rest of your wonderful family as examples!! God bless you all, as I know he does, each and every day!! Love, Mom Shari

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