Creating Unbalance

I remember doing a parent class a number of years ago.  The basic premise for my thoughts were as such – we should be completely unbalanced in favor of God.  Not that we should live as extremists or anything of that ilk.  Rather God’s desire for us is for us to desire Him.  We should make that our first thought and last thought.  After talking for some time in the class, I asked if there were any thoughts.  Only one parent raised a hand so I gave him the floor.  He then explained that God wants us to be balanced between work, family, hobbies, entertainment, our faith, etc.  All seem to be worth equal devotion. I didn’t backtrack but I didn’t start an argument.  I let it be for the moment.

But today it comes back to me so I will push back.

1.  Find me a balanced person.  The truth is there is no balanced person.  I knew that man to be a workaholic.  I am not balanced.  I like movies too much.  And concerts.  Was Jesus balanced?

2. What we aim for we often get.  Or we get close to it.  Try to balance everything in your life.  You know what you will get – overload.  Seriously.  How could you possibly give as much time to a hobby as you do work?  When would you sleep or spend time with your family?  An attempt at balance = overload

3. Balance isn’t healthy.  A balanced diet doesn’t mean an equal amount of fat, fiber, carbs, sugar, etc. Does it?  No, it means more of what is good.  Ask yourself, ‘Self, what is good in this life?’  Not what feels good but what is actually good.

Be unbalanced is my battle cry!  I’m sure God wont mind.  Check out what Jesus had to say in John 15:1-8


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