Getting Honest for an Outcome

‘Christ is all.  These three words are the essence of our Christianity.  If our hearts can really go along with them, it is well with our souls.  If not, we may be sure we have much to learn.’ – JC Ryle

It’s fairly easy to write blogs that only speak harshly against this or that aspect of life.  Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ozzy Osborn, Alice Cooper, and others have made a great deal of money by stirring  people.  As a disciple of Jesus and a full fledged Gen-Xer, I find it easy to rail against the church.  That can have it’s place, just as the prophets of old called people to return to what matters.  However, it is my desire to gesture with an open hand, not wag a single finger in the face of the broken – to honestly assess our condition and honestly seek solutions.

Who in this world is offering healthy solutions to problems? I struggle to see or hear it.  Is anyone being honest?

When was the last time you saw a political ad that was  honest about the home candidate?  Jim Bower is running for congress.  He ignores his family for the sake of his career.  He will sell out his vote for the right price.  He is addicted to pain medication and is having an affair with his secretary.  His smile is brought to you by Dr. Chris Merill, DDS and wardrobe provided by the Men’s Warehouse.  Vote Jim Bower for congress.

Well at least it would be honest right? (author’s note – I realize that not all congresspeople are like this character.  it’s an over exaggeration to prove a point.)

How about us?  Are we being honest with ourselves?  If we want to go somewhere (i.e. if we desire a positive solution), should we not be first honest about our current situation?  I would propose this – if we are not completely Christ-centric in our lives, our worship, our communities, our relationships, etc. – then we as Ryle says ‘have much to learn.’

As I walk through my next few blogs I want to be honest about where we are.  All is NOT well with our souls.

Next we will look at arrogance.


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