Four kids at one Ohio school have taken their own lives and the reason given by the news is bullying at school. The parents are suing of course. The news is giving ‘signs’ that your student might be suicidal. A million questions and thoughts come to mind. I have worked with suicidal teens before, kids that were being bullied and kids that weren’t. All of these students made recoveries, why? Because another student or I actually listened to them and as a result they got the professional help they needed. Bullying isn’t right but it isn’t the reason students would choose death over life. It might be the breaking point. I would guess that close to 100% of teen suicide could be prevented if there was someone who took the time to listen. Which means that someone had the time. Which means that someone loved. Which means that someone sought that kid out. Want to save a kids life? Love your own kid. Listen fully to your own kid. Take them seriously when they say a friend is hurting. Or better yet – volunteer at your church youth group or the YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. The greatest gift you can give a child is love and attention. Be part of the solution, not the blame game.

The story:



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