It’s an ironic thing to write about arrogance but I will give it a shot.  This is all part of a self-evaluation for me and you.

First a separation of being right vs. being arrogant:

I tell my son (quite often because he is a smart kid) that knowledge is not a weapon.  Just because we know the truth does not mean we load our handguns with truth and start mowing people down.  People are caught up in being right, as if their identity depended on it.  However, where do we draw truth?  If it is our own perspective then no one is right and everyone is right all at the same time.  Good luck having civility with that basis.  Do we follow Kant and Ferm and abide by Consensus Gentium?  (that is truth draw truth from the collective opinion of the masses)  Ahhh – see just now how I sounded all knowledgeable and arrogant with my philosophical reference.  If we depend on the opinions of the masses – then we set ourselves up for failure again – as the opinions change.  Look at American: the Irish are now employable, slaves are free, seat belts are required of all passengers.  As a Christian I look to scripture, history, and reason as the basis for truth.  If the church has held a belief for 2000 years, who am I to change it?  But the source of truth isn’t what this is about.  It is the use of truth.

Christ did not come that all may have truth – He came that all might have life.  If we know something to be true, yet we use it for destructive purposes, then we better examine whose name we proclaim in our truth.  1 Corinthians 8:1 says that ‘knowledge puffs up’.  All of it.  We as sinful beings we grab and use it like a club.  Yet verse 3 says ‘the man who loves God is known by God’.  As we discover truth and knowledge, let us not use it a weapon.  What say you?  Would we rather be known as a people of arrogant truth or a people who love God and are known by God?


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