Cell Abuse

I am not one to sensationalize.  I am one to advocate parents ‘ruining’ their kids lives by being involved.  ‘What?  Come on Zach!’ you say.  Well check this story:


It’s you we trust…but those other 2 billion teenagers can look suspect to mom and dad and your dear ole youth pastor sometimes.

Here is what I am advocating:

1.  Parents – if you student has a cell phone, take it once a week to look through texts and pictures. (same thing for computers – browse their history, monitor their email, and check their facebook)  Paul was right when he wrote ‘Bad company corrupts good character.’

2. Students – if you have a cell phone – what you say or do can and will get around to other people.  I know we would like to think our friends and boy/girl friends would never betray us…but alas it happens. (also mom and dad aren’t trying to ruin your life, they are trying to make sure that you don’t)

3. Everyone – let’s spend more time together in person and less time on the phone



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  1. Kathy Gavin Said:

    I couldn’t agree anymore. I have told both my kids that at any time I will look on your phone and read your texts! That is my job! I love you and am always looking out for your best intrests, like it or not!

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