Quit being so sensitive

I’ve stupidly said those words to my wife, landing me squarely in the dog house.  Justifiably and deservedly.  Disclaimer to my bride and her friends: The rest of this post has nothing to do with my beautiful bride or my wonderful verbal blunders that I commit.

‘Quit being so sensitive’

I’ve thought those words infinitely as I interact with others more than I’ve used them, but I realize I am picking the wrong phrase most of the time.

What I mean to say is, “Life isn’t about you”.  It’s not about you and what you want and what you can get and how others can make you happy, make you feel good, or give you what you want.  You are one of six billion creations of God that are equally deserving of love, hope, joy, and peace – but not at the expense of others.  In fact our very existence happens for the sake of other people (Philippians 2:1-4) but nearly every nook and cranny of our culture screams the opposite.  Culture turns our churches into fast food restaurants – ‘have it your way’  and ministry made to order.  Don’t like the preaching?  Find a better preacher.  Don’t like the music? Well the hip church down the street has a sweet band…in fact they have a record deal with an indie Christian label.  Church is a conglomerate mess of sinners who should be trying to draw close to God to live out the Kingdom for the sake of others.  Worship style, ministries offered, location, preaching prowess are all adiophrah (google it!).

So while you and I shake our heads and say ‘that’s right!’ – we need to take a good look in the mirror.  We are wearing the same shackles.  You and I are the Pharisees in this publican tale (Luke 18:9-14 if you are curious).

So here is my challenge of the week for us all – confess and apologize.  Where have you made your worship and church life about yourself?  Where have you made faith about you?  Have you hurt others, made threats, or withheld?  It’s time to confess and apologize.


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  1. rdugall Said:

    all I can say is “I needed that”!

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