You missed the point

There have been approximately 1047 times that I have shared a word about God, only to have my point be missed…probably because I wasn’t seeing what was right in front of me.

Take a look at this video:

Does it make you want to buy shampoo?  Not me.  It makes me want to go Mr. Miyagi on those guys that busted the violin.

Why do I miss the point? I often get caught up in my own ideas, my own insecurities, my own need to be validated, my own worries, and my own views.  Instead of listening, I speak.  Instead of hearing, I wait for my turn to talk.  Why do I miss the point?  Because I miss the people and their stories.  What right do I have to speak if I haven’t listened in love?  How can I tell you about God if I don’t know your pain, your past, your feelings…your story?  God’s story of love and restoration intersects with ours at every point but often we miss those points because we are too caught up in ourselves.  Perhaps today is a day to start trying to get the point…


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