We have even outsourced our rock music

The only category I really care about at the American music awards would be Rock.  Sorry to all those who love you some Slim Shady or Darius Rucker or even The Beibs, but here is a fact for you: America was founded on rock and roll.  George Washington could shred the electric guitar and Thomas Jefferson would make Neil Pert look like Meg White.  And the winners this year – Muse – are from England.  When you are done Googling all that you will see that it’s 100% accurate.

This Muse video has more in common with the Culture Club than Jimmy Hendrix:

I don’t hate Muse, they just aren’t rock.  Where are you Kurt Cobain?  Is there any chance we will get The Led out ever again? Jerry Lee Lewis we need you.  This is a threefold call:

1. Stop with the Disno-pop assault on rock

2. Screamo doesn’t count so don’t go there

3. If you even say Kings of Leon I will throw my shoe at you

There it is, my rock n’ rant for the week.  Not spiritual by any means but I miss grunge, hair metal, protest rock, and true punk.


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  1. Jonathan Said:

    VH1 has all the shows you need bro. 🙂

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