Failing to love

God is a God of victory.  Let it soak in.  Victory.  No, that’s not why the Packers won.  Nice try.  I’m talking about the God of breakthrough, healing, and deliverance.  I’m talking about the straight up WWE Smackdown Truth.

What does the Kingdom of Heaven look like?  Pain? Nope  Fear? Nope  Divorce? Nope  Scarcity? Nope

What does it look like?  It looks like a people who escape an oppressor and his chariot army.  It looks like a man who picks up a donkey jaw bone and kills 1000 of God’s enemies.  It looks like a bunch of guys who are accused of being drunk leading people to the Savior.  There ain’t no stopping this God.

But this all sounds too progressive…what about the cross?  Isn’t this the ‘theology of glory’?  I say – what is the cross, dude?  A symbol of defeat?  Not for me…sucks for the devil but for me it’s a victory banner.  God’s desire is for us join in His victory dance.  I’m down with it and I’m going to invite everyone I know.

Breakthrough story: I’m standing at the check out counter at Walmart behind some folks.  I’ve long since gotten over being impatient at slow lines.  No need to get upset, it’s just part of life.  In front of me is a family of four.  Physically they haven’t taken care of themselves well and their purchases were certainly going to lead to more of the same.  Every other time in my life I have stood in this situation I have spoken criticism and even hatred in my mind for folks like this.  And in this moment I started to think “Why do white trash people all…” when a voice spoke over the top of my thought – God’s voice.  “Zach,” I heard God say, “I love these people, can’t you?”  I was dumbfounded and nearly started weeping right there in Walmart.  Somehow I managed to keep it together and get to the car first before I unloaded.

It’s often easy to love those who love you or look like you or share in your activities.  But for 32 years I have failed to love people regardless of who they might be…until now.  God has shown me how to love.  God’s love has conquered my heart and I want to tell you that for God that’s nothing.  Teaching someone to love is cake.  Victory in my life for God is simple.

2 Corinthians 5;17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Let’s stop living in the defeat of our small minded version of God and start living in His victory – the Cross.


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