What I learned at Friendship or ‘The Last 6 years’

I recently included in the church newsletter an article on what I learned at Friendship Celebration.  It was a shorter list and was meant to be a bit humorous.  I want to revisit that now…in a sort of ‘what I learned in the last 6 years’ way.

1. I am the worst vegetarian there ever was.  I stopped eating meat for a year and the only veggies I ate were coffee, french fries, and hopps.  Actually I sort of drank the hopps.

2. I hate yard work.  I kind of like the remodeling and handiwork aspect of owning a house, when I have time to get to it.  But mowing, weeding, watering, cutting wood…I’m buying a condo.

3. Sometimes you have to tell a kid to rebel against their parents. When a kid starts to come alive in their faith and wants to quit band to spend time serving and in prayer.  Sorry folks, I’m siding with Jesus on this one.

4. Driving an SUV is awesome.  I’ve had only little cars and the mini van before my 4Runner.  Gas mileage nothing, how much you wanna bet that I can climb up that mountian over there.

5. I hate politics.  I hate church politics.  I hate local, state, and national politics.  Oh I will vote, but you can’t make me smile while I do it.

6. People take life way to seriously.  Relax.  Come on.  Play with your kids, have a beer with a buddy, take a mulligan, and watch Saturday morning cartoons.  If you get the most toys you still die.  If you cause the most drama, we will all still think you are crazy.

7. All my favorite independent coffee shops are gone.  They had the best coffee.

8. How many more Mormon churches do we need in Boise?  Geeze

9. I can eat my weight in Egg McMuffins.  Oh how I love Egg McMuffins

10. Reality TV makes no sense to me.  I’ve tried watching tons of shows, based on people’s recommendations to me.  I don’t understand why these people are famous, who would want to watch the nonsense they are doing, and who watches this junk on a regular basis.

11. Self esteem is bunk.  There is no such thing.  Either you find worth in yourself or you don’t.  Esteem is this psychobabble, media-fueled, roller coaster of ups and downs based on performance and feelings.  Dear teenage girls – please stop.

12. Michael Jackson isn’t dead.  We haven’t been to the moon.  Sasquatch is real (according to Daren).

13. I love Boise and plan to be back here for good at some point.


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