What happened in Florida?!?

This is the question of the week. I’ll give an overview of my journey and then in some following blogs, hit on some specifics.

This journey is a spiritual one. My heart has been shaped, moved, and readied for what is next. In truth, there isn’t anything wrong with Florida. Miami is a big city like so many others that I’ve been to…L.A., St. Louis, D.C., Seattle, Dallas, and others. While big cities don’t thrill me, they don’t usually bother me beyond a little added stress while driving or waiting in longer lines. However, something about Miami didn’t sit will with me from the moment I got there. The whole trip down I prayed for God to reveal to me where to live in the area, for me to find joy in what I was doing there, and to be able to bless people. As soon as we hit Palm Beach on the freeway a knot formed in my stomach and I began to have adrenaline rushing through my veins. Even as I write this now, I feel some of the same feelings. I thought maybe I was nervous but this wasn’t nerves, this was total unease that didn’t let up. We stayed the night in Ft. Lauderdale and I didn’t sleep with noise of people outside and the feelings from within.

The next day I began training. The work itself was fine and the people we encountered were nice. I quickly realized that the job would mean long hours but again I’m used to that. That night the unease grew and no amount of prayer would ease it. I told my wife that something wasn’t right and that I felt like I needed to come home. She encouraged me to give it a little time and that I was probably a bit stressed. My dad gave me the same advice so I thought I would give it another couple of days.

The next day I began looking for apartments. I called at least 40 different places and visited a dozen more. Three bedrooms were no where to be found in a remotely safe area of the city. I called my wife and told her all that was going on internally. As I was becoming homeless at 11am, I moved hotels and called her again. I told her that I needed to come home. After driving 2850 miles…I wanted to drive it back. That is how uneasy I felt.

After considering some options (working in a smaller city, taking a few more days to see if it works, etc.) I made the decision to come back. As soon as I did, I felt a little better. I began to call people and let them know. Then I talked to a long time friend of mine. He said to me…God called Abraham to kill Isaac but the point wasn’t for Isaac to die…it was to see if Abraham would give up everything to follow God. I am Abraham in my story. I really was willing to give it all up to follow God. I thought this was the path to become a pastor and to bless people (and now I see it actually is).

Long story short (I’ll give the longer version later), this unease I felt was a spiritual unease. God didn’t allow me to find an apartment. God broke down communication with my boss. God allowed a spiritual unease in my soul that would cause me to return to Boise.

It’s hard to explain why God would place me on such a path. 1 Corinthians 1:27 says, ‘God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.’ I’m trusting in this foolish journey. God has a call on my life to be a Pastor. I’m going to pursue that. Even now He is opening up doors that will allow me to work in that way. I would covet your prayers in this. I will keep you posted on what that looks like.

Until then, go in peace and serve the Lord!!



  1. Ethan Said:

    Good luck, Mr. Davis. 🙂

  2. I am so excited to watch this journey! I cried as your Abraham identity was revealed through your words! I am dancing with joy to know you are staying in Boise, but more than that, I am dancing with joy to see such faith expressed through your actions! It makes my heart so happy to see such things! 2850 x 2 is quite a long way to go! Our God blesses such faith and He is going to grately bless you and your family!! I am happy to have the priviledge to share friendship with your family and pray for you all from the beginning of this ‘Florida Journey’! I look forward to seeing this all unfold! Please let me know how I can pray along the way!! Love to you all!

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