Why Mephibosheth Matters

I’m betting you are going to name your next kid Mephibosheth…or maybe try to convince your sister to name her kid that because she didn’t like your suggestions of Megatron, David Bowie, or Anita Knapp.

Mephibosheth (that name is long…I’m gonna call him Mephi from now on) is the Grandson of King Saul (Check 2 Samuel 9 for the details).  This guy had not one but two crippled feet and was the grandson of the guy who tried to kill King David numerous times.  Needless to say Mephi didn’t get nominated for homecoming king at Canaan High.  Then David calls Mephi to appear before him…

I sense that this is how many of us must feel before God…crippled and afraid.   When David greets Mephi, all he can do is call himself a servant.  David wont have any of that.   He gets all John 15:15 on Mephi.  David gave him all the land that Saul once had and told him he would always eat at the King’s table! What?!?!  By the way, I’m pretty sure David looked just like Richard Gere.

David restores and exults Mephi because of Mephi’s father, Jonathan.   Mephi didn’t do anything amazing.  It was the grace of the King and the actions of the father that created this banquet feast.  Beyond that King David places servants under Mephi!

You and I come before God in the same state right?  We feel crippled, broken, beat down, and unworthy or perhaps uncertain, afraid, unqualified, or just plain confused.  God calls us friends, puts us in His feast,  and wants to move us into a place where we can give from our abundance (sure finances if we are blessed in that area…but I really mean spiritual abundance – love, joy, peace, etc.)

But we are so convinced of our lowly servant-hood that we can’t accept or see or live into the feast!  God is not a cure-all for whatever ails us but He surely doesn’t desire for us to be depressed and oppressed!  God desires to set us free and bless us to be His hands and feet in this world.  Now we have to ask the question – ‘How do we do this?’

to be continued…


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  1. DB Said:

    HI Zach, I’m posting hoping you receive. thanks for sending. You, Renee & kiddos remain in our prayers.
    LV U 2 pieces. Dottie & Bill

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