Shawn Mullins

What are you doing with your life right now?

I mean what are you giving your life to?

Did you love your day?  Did you give something to this world that no one else but you could do?

Shawn Mullins wrote a song called Twin Rocks, Oregon that haunts me like few other songs.   Some lyrics from the song:  I told him I too had been travelin around livin out of my van from town to town playin for tips and whatever records I could move.  I said “I don’t reckon i’ll be makin it big, you know it’s hard to get rich off a tour of coffee house gigs” and he said “yeah, but ain’t it a blessin to do what you wanna do…” and I told him “yeah, I pulled off here
to watch the sun disappear into the ocean `cause it’s been years since I smelled this salty sea”

Life isn’t about the money you make or the titles you collect.  It’s not about reality TV or online poker.  Life isn’t about getting your kids to do their homework or paying the bills on time.  It’s not about rec league soccer or play groups.  Life isn’t about attending church or eating at good restaurants.  It’s not about the most toys or the dot com.

Life is about giving…it’s about the sunsets and doing what you love.  I’m tired of struggling with things that don’t matter.  So between me, you and the wall maybe it’s time we start doing life the right way.


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