Don’t Serve Anyone This Christmas

What???  That’s right.  Don’t do it…ok maybe if you are fixing dinner or something.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

These are the days that everyone thinks to serve.  We pick and plan events to serve others.  In fact I fell into this trap earlier this month.  I thought it would be cool for our missional communities to go and serve together.   Now I feel that this is a bad idea, seriously.

Why would this be a bad idea?  Let me explain.  I’m a follower of this guy, Jesus.  I’m a disciple.  I think he did things right and said things that are worth listening to.   I’m not going to bomb abortion clinics, picket funerals of heroes, or any of that stupid nonsense that the media calls ‘Christianity’.

I saw a bunch of people in downtown Nampa the other day with signs saying ‘honk  if you think marriage is between one man and one woman’ and signs with Bible verses printed on them as well.  I wanted to stop and ask them if they thought Jesus would stand there with a sign.  I know they couldn’t honestly say yes.  If Jesus were in Nampa at that moment, he would have been at the local gay and lesbian bar sharing stories of love and restoration and hope.  That is the Jesus I’m trying to follow.

So why not serve on Christmas?  Matthew 25:31-46 is a crazy riff that Jesus spat.  It says that God doesn’t even know us if we aren’t helping the sick, visiting the imprisoned, clothing the naked, or welcoming strangers.  This following Jesus thing isn’t an event…it’s a life.  One that is lived every moment of every day.   This is a life filled with love, giving, and joy that you can’t buy from Sony or Lexus.  Serve on Christmas if you want…just make sure Dec 26th makes your list too.


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  1. Bill Davis Said:

    Ok, Bah Humbug

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